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  The Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal is home to the worlds' highest peak and offers exceptional mountain scenery and excellent trekking opportunities.

Since we are a local company owned by Nepalese, we can offer the most knowledgeable service but also a much better value then most other companies.

Nepal one of the most beautiful countries in the world beckons you with some of the most unique and rewarding trekking and mountaineering experiences ever.

Our company offers a varied range of trekking and climbing itineraries, catering to a wide range of preferences and experiences. The trekking programs vary from a two-day trek to the hills surrounding the Kathmandu valley to longer treks into the Himalayan range. You can even meet the challenge of climbing a mountain peak.

The itineraries include rest days to ensure flexibility, aid fitness and maximize acclimatization, as well as allowing time to explore the environment on the way. You can choose your own pace on the trek.

We work with a team of dedicated professionals who work to ensure your comfort and safety throughout the duration of your program. At anytime you can count on the extraordinary friendliness of the staff that stems from the heart of Nepalese hospitality.

Our primary concern is for your safety and comfort. On all treks and expeditions we provide the very best camping equipment, which have been tried and tested for the particular conditions of the Himalayas.

Your guide will be a professional leader able to interpret the cultures and environments in which we operate. The rest of the team will be an experienced trekking crew whose aim is to ensure a fulfilling and memorable trekking experience

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Food on the trek is plentiful, wholesome and varied, with fresh supplies purchased along the way. Our cook will do his best to please our guests.

Nepal is a trekker’s paradise and you can choose to walk along the beaten trails or to explore virgin tracks. Trekking opportunities are here throughout most of the year and we offer a wide range of trekking and mountaineering itineraries. For the novices we can offer easy treks taking only a couple of days and which are not far from Kathmandu. For the experienced and adventurous, we offer demanding treks lasting for some weeks. An example of any easy trek is the walk from Kathmandu to Shivapuri peak, accompanied by a guide and porters; this trek takes only two days. A more challenging trek is the ‘Dream of Everest trek’, which takes two weeks and offers you the opportunity of looking at some of the highest mountains up close.

The scenery is varied, from beautiful mountain villages, exotic flora and fauna to the spectacular panorama of the mighty Himalayan range. You will also be able to experience the hospitality of the Nepali people first hand.

Nepal is four times the size of Switzerland and has a varied geography ranging from the highest point on earth to the jungle lowlands bordering India. Nepal houses eight of the fourteen highest mountains in the world including Mt. Everest, the deepest gorge in the world (Kali Gandaki) as well as the highest lake in the world. It is home to hundreds of different ethnic communities. The majority of the rural population lives in the hills and mountains, and their villages are connected by foot trails. These indigenous tracks serve as excellent trekking routes enabling tourist to reach remote villages and to experience the rich cultural heritage of rural Nepal.

We also arrange white water rafting, jungle safaris, mountain flights, tours to Tibet, sight seeing, as well as organizing domestic and international air tickets. We heartily invite you to participate in any of the itineraries we offer. Give us a chance to serve you; the incredible experiences will remain in your heart forever.
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